The company, as a social startup with focus on emerging markets, halal ecosystem development, provides conferences, forums, training and meticulously researched business information and market research on thousands of industries worldwide. We welcome clients who share our same passion and vision to create valuable social impact.

Founded on integrity and hard work. Our motto is simple, we embrace challenges as they come and strive to realise your expectations by working hand-in-hand with you, not merely for you!
Community building is key. Our events bring together various market stakeholders to promote latest trends and build crucial networks for your success.
We understand the challenges of entering a new market. Our teams help you achieve your objectives through our extensive network. Let us do what we do best while we keep you satisfied with the outcome.

Our Experience

Accomplished Services

  • Program Strategy & Marketing
  • Developing New Programs (A-Z)
  • Top-Notch Speakers
  • Content Creation
  • Regional Market Access
  • Startup Support & Accelerator Partnership
  • Business Matchmaking
  • Innovation Programs


What We Do

We help you achieve your business objectives by providing insights based on latest data, helping you make informed decisions for your business development.

  • Market research
  • Market expansion
  • Company Branding & Designs
  • Startup Development Support

Creating the best content and curating it to complement your vision. As the world is emerged in technologies and digital marketing continues to expand, content is becoming central to support visual aesthetics.

  • Wesbsite Content Development.
  • Program Structure Development.
  • Topics and Theme Development.

We are passionate about events that create a social impact in emerging digital economies.

  • Business seminars and conferences.
  • Exhibition.
  • Content & program development.
  • Event strategy & marketing.

As digital technology shapes our lives, we believe in developing digital solutions to tackle social and business challenges.

  • Software solutions.
  • Digital technology ideation and creation.
  • Provision of digital products and services.

Building business connections with companies that have mutual interests is key to success. With our vast network, we facilitate the expansion of your next reach.

  • Business matching.

  • Business partner linkage.

  • Business partnership agreement facilitation.

The key to great executions of any plan is a good process of efficient and swift communication. Our platform believes and functions on open and constant communication in order to provide our clients with the best results. Our teams at Elmangos are equipped and set to listen to your requirements and concept and translate your vision into a reality.

Our processes are fairly simple and open to everyone!


Task 1: Getting Started

  • Reach out to our team.
  • Schedule meeting sessions.
  • Communicate your vision.


Task 2: Improvements

  • Receive updates from our team.
  • Provide us with feedback.
  • Witness appropriate adjustments.


Task 3: Product Delivery

  • Receive final product.
  • Work hand in hand with our team.
  • Expect team support until event finalization.



Allow us to bring your vision to life!