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Expand your Halal business into the land of the rising Sun

Istanbul: Japan is expecting almost one million Muslim tourists to arrive by 2020, the government, major corporations and local businesses are stepping up to tap and cater to this growing market as well as developing Halal products and services to market globally.

It is expected that the growth and demand for Halal products and services in Japan will also surpass the Olympics timeline as Japan has already seen the number of Muslim tourist arrivals increase every year and with Japan’s new diet (National assembly of Japan) passed in Dec 2018, it has paved the way to hire more foreign workers from overseas to overcome labour shortage. It would be inevitable to see more foreign workers’ influx to Japan including Muslim workers, in addition to Muslim students and long term residency is set to increase.

Abd Elmohaimen Mansi, Founder of Elmangos Events, said: “We are delighted to partner with the Japan Times as a media agency for the Islamic economy. Now companies who want to promote their products and services in Japan can do that through the new Halal Special Supplement. This surely helps in creating awareness to the locals and educating them about what leading companies in the Islamic economy can offer in different sectors such as, finance, tourism, modest fashion, etc. This indeed shows how receptive the market is and how welcoming Japan is towards the Olympics 2020. ”

The Middle Eastern region is a target area for many countries looking to boost the attractiveness of Halal tourism within their localities. However there are other countries in the region closer to Japan where many tourists are travelling from. Countries with high Muslim populations within the region such as Malaysia are important for Japan as more Muslim travellers are coming from them helping boost the Japanese economy. There are now more than 100,000 tourists coming from Malaysia and Indonesia annually to Japan as cited by Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) a couple of years ago.

Japan is due to host the 2020 Olympics and as part of this major global sports event aims to attract Muslim visitors from around the globe. CrescentRating a leading organisation in the Halal travel sector scored Japan higher in their Muslim Friendly Halal Travel Index in comparison to previous years as Islamic orientated products and services have increased in availability throughout Japan.

Maj Hussain, Director of Halal Incorp located in the UK said “it’s great to hear our colleagues within the global Islamic economy, Elmangos have secured a partnership with a colossal media entity, The Japan Times. The Islamic economy is growing at unprecedented speed and countries with traditionally smaller Muslim diaspora are now looking to provide relevant services to meet the demands of Muslim consumers.”

We would like to invite you to consider taking this opportunity to further promote your Halal products and services to The Japan Times readers in Japan and overseas

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